Not sure what to say or where to start with "The Talk"?

For moms who want to replace awkward sex talks with empowering conversations so they can raise safe, confident, empowered kids (before they leave home)


Believe me, I get it.

That's why I created Sex Ed CPR for Grownups so you can:

... have an open, honest, respectful and caring relationship with your kids.

The kind where they come to you first to learn the information rather than look it up on the internet or hear it from other kids in the schoolyard. 

You love your children and you absolutely want them to grow into confident, compassionate, joyful, and emotionally balanced adults.

Of course, you do!

It’s why you’re here.

And I've got the perfect solution to help you overcome your fear of talking to your kids about sex and sexuality…

Now, you might think…

… I’ve got the book and there are tons of resources online, why do I need the help of a sex educator?

Well, I’ll tell you...

There’s so much conflicting information and plain bad advice out there…

… not to mention the time it takes to sort through it all.

AND… are people on the internet really qualified to teach you how to talk to your kids about sex?


This is my life -- I spend every day educating adults on sex and sexuality, how to talk to their kids about sex, and I help couples and singles to enjoy a thrilling sex life.

And now I want to help you get the best, most well-rounded, honest, and raw information you can access -- and isn’t available anywhere else.

And get real-time answers to questions as they come up...

… because Google can’t help you with that.

The beautiful thing about kids is that they make you want to be a better person.

They force you to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror every day and ask if you’re being the best role model for them.

I sure do…

It’s why I became a board-certified sexologist and sex and relationship coach.

I was raised in a Catholic home and got no sex education… none. I had to learn everything as an adult -- even how to feel comfortable with my own body!

As a mother of two girls, I vowed my daughters would be raised in a sex-informed house. I want them to have healthy self-esteem and confidence as adults.

And I’m here to help you reduce the fear, anxiety and shame (if you had a negative role model like I did) around this topic and gain the confidence to talk with your kids about all things sex.

Even as a sex educator my daughters still stump me and catch me off guard sometimes.

It’s why I know how important it is to learn from someone who’s been around the block and can help you handle awkward moments with confidence…

… and a little humor (it helps to laugh about it sometimes).

I’ve been teaching sex education to adults for almost a decade now. And the transformations I've witnessed are incredible.

Just ask this parent...

"I can communicate with them better, respecting their views or choices. I try to be positive, supportive, and understanding. [...] I have spoken with my kids about topics I never thought I would, and it is a great feeling."

E. L.
Oakland, CA

Parents like E.L. who were unsure and uncomfortable side-stepped their anxiety...

… and became positive role models for their kids.

It’s why you need to discover how to recognize and learn…

Strategic Moments of Cognitive Insight

Because raising sex smart kids has benefits beyond just raising a confident child…

It also:

  • Delays the start of having sex, which reduces the risks of pregnancy, STIs and sexual assault.
    When you take away the forbidden nature of sex, it becomes less taboo and less of a rebellious act. Plus, your child will be less likely to succumb to peer pressure and have sex when he or she isn’t ready.
  • Improves your relationship with your child because you become someone they talk about sex with.
    Children are curious. And their level of curiosity will change with age. When they learn from a young age that you’re their go-to for the best answers to their questions, it will continue as they hit puberty and beyond.
  • Allows you to share your values with your children.
    If you believe sex is best shared with someone you love, you can pass that value onto your child.
  • Strengthens the trust bond.
    Beyond just talking about sex, your child will learn they can come to you when they’re in a difficult situation -- like at a party with no sober ride home.
  • Increases the likelihood that your children will have better relationships as they grow up.
    Science shows that people with high self-esteem tend to pick partners who support their well-being.
  • Will improve confidence and communication skills.
    These are two valuable traits that will help your child experience greater success in life.


You NEED to be a resource for your kids so you can share your values and give them the information they need to make good decisions.

Without your love and guidance, they’ll seek out what they want to know from the internet, porn, media and other kids (who are most likely receiving misinformation or no information).

And it’s not as hard as you think to have these ongoing conversations.

I will guide you through finding and recognizing these moments of cognitive insight, and their teachable moments.

And… the earlier you start, the more impact these conversations will have.

Because a child with little to no information becomes an adolescent with little to no information. And then becomes an adult who is reckless, ashamed or unable to set boundaries that feel good.

It’s why I created this course for you.

And it’s also why...

… I advocate for open and honest communication between parents and kids.

… and encourage you to read this page in its entirety.

Your children need information and values from you to make good decisions and create healthy relationships.

Avoiding it doesn’t make it magically go away. No one else is going to this for you - certainly not like you can.

And if you wait for them to come to you with questions it might already be too late.

You need to take the first step and get the conversation started.

If you’re ready to get a wee bit uncomfortable for the sake of your children, then this is for you.

Everything you need to know to raise safe and sexually informed kids is in my new online program… C.P.R. -

Clarity, Positivity, Relief


Is this course for you?

If you want to…

  • Raise kids with healthy self-esteem and the confidence to set boundaries and respect other people’s boundaries
  • Ensure your child has a safe place to ask questions and receive honest answers with the correct information
  • Teach your kids to be comfortable in their bodies and not feel ashamed to call their body parts by their anatomical name.
  • Accept their feelings and learn to communicate them in a healthy way
  • Lay the foundation for your child to enter healthy relationships as an adult
  • Discover how to bring up difficult topics and answer tricky questions without feeling queasy
  • Uncover your own triggers and understand them
  • Build trust and allow your child to grow into an independent teen and adult
  • Find out what information is appropriate to share, and when
  • Reduce the chances of your child seeking answers online and stumbling upon porn
  • Ask embarrassing questions in a safe and intimate group so you can arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence you need…

… and a whole lot more! Then this course is for you.

But if you…

  • Refuse to acknowledge your child as a sexual being
  • Are completely closed off on the idea that gender isn’t binary
  • Believe your daughter is responsible for how boys/men view and treat her
  • Still subscribe to the patriarchy and philosophy that “boys will be boys”
  • Think sex is taboo and should only be shared between a man and a woman in marriage
  • Want to leave sex education up to your child’s school
  • And don’t believe in being honest with children…

Then this course probably isn’t for you.

If you’re open to these ideas and crave the confidence to talk easily with your child, then please join me and other like-minded parents!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this four-week course.

You’ll learn how to handle difficult situations like …

  • What to do the first time you discover porn on your son’s computer.
  • How to respond when you find out your twelve-year-old daughter has already given oral sex. 
  • What to say to your five-year-old son who’s obsessed with touching his penis.
  • How to explain a commercial on tv to your daughter who wants to know what women and shampoo have to do with feeling sexy.
  • How not to freak out when you learn your four-year-old daughter and her four-year-old male cousin are getting naked together upstairs while playing “doctor”.
  • What’s an appropriate response to a six-year-old asking how babies are made. 
  • How to answer an embarrassing question without freaking out.
  • How to avoid oversharing when you’re feeling uncomfortable...
  • … and a whole lot more!


These are NOT easy topics and circumstances to undertake -- and it’s okay if you don’t know how to talk to your kids about this stuff.

They didn’t come with a manual! 

But the more comfortable you are… and the more you can normalize sex… the easier it is to talk about it.

And the less taboo it is.


It’s why I help you prepare for these conversations. So when they arise, you don’t run to your room, curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass (and maybe cry a little)…

… or accidentally blurt out an answer that’s not true.


Rather, you will confidently address your child’s curiosity with correct -- and age-appropriate -- information.

And how comforting to have a REAL person to talk to about it with… 

… and let you know these feelings of sheer terror are normal. 


You will have someone to gently guide you through the tricky parts and prepare you to handle them when they come up.

You can’t get that with a voiceless article on the internet.

And asking other parents in a forum might also lead you astray because their values may not be your values.

If You’re Beyond Ready To Join Me…

Here’s everything you’ll get in the course

Live Group Video Calls for each module -- 60 to 90 minutes each

Homework between each call so you can put what you learn into practice.

Unlimited Voxer access to me -- because sometimes you need to put out an SOS!

Small group setting -- limited to keep the calls intimate.

A private Facebook community where you can talk to me, other parents and caring adults.


And here’s what we’ll cover over four weeks:


Communication. Consent. Respect. Pleasure. Fantasy

These 5 are the basis of my book "Read Me: A Parental Primer for "The Talk" and a foundation for making "the talk" easier for everyone involved.


Sexuality is intertwined with healthy relationships. It’s not a one time talk, but an ongoing conversation, and there’s never a “perfect time” to bring it up.

I’ll teach you how to pepper it into regular conversations and use tv and movies, and other life events, as teachable moments.

And you’ll uncover what you’re modeling for your kids and your level of transparency -- for example, do you let your kids see you fight with your partner and how do you talk about relationships?


Kids are curious about their own bodies and will naturally explore them.

In this module, we’ll discuss growth and development and what is “normal” exploration versus excessive touching.

We’ll also cover gender dynamics and how hormones play a role in shifting emotions & reactivity (emotional self-regulation and emotional intelligence).

I’m Ready To Join -- Sign Me Up!

I’m confident you’ll get more than you bargained for from this course. You’ll leave with the confidence of a chihuahua taking on a grizzly bear to talk openly with your kids and develop a strong bond with them. You want the best for your children… and I want that for you too.


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