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Sex-Positive Parenting Books

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Traditional Gift Guide

Looking for ideas for presents for the Holidays that aren’t sex-related?

Welcome to my G-rated gift guide!

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The anti-anxiety float chair with zero-gravity technology

Gravity Blankets 

Choose one ~10% of your body weight

Alpaca Scarf by Nathan & Co
Products for humans with vaginas
 Felt purse organizer
Felt Merino Wool Travel Valet Tray by feltplanet
Cashmere Lounge set

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Himalayan Yak Wool Large Wrap by Sivana

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Cards for Decolonization by Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell
Renewal Wool Blanket by Sarah Agaton Howes
Komuso Shift 

“a natural tool to help you improve breathing, deal with stress and calm down.”

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