Your Most Sensual Valentine's Day Yet

A never-before-offered collaboration to help you experience a connection with your partner like never before.


Valentine's Day is approaching, and you're looking for something special to do with your partner.

You want to try something new, exciting, and sensual, but you're not sure where to start. Look no further!


Chocolate After Dark

 is a unique experience that combines the deliciousness of chocolate with the expertise of a sex coach.

Chocolate After Dark will make this Valentine's Day one of your most intimate nights yet. 

Got a plan for your Valentine's Day yet?


Tell me if this sounds like you...

This year you want to try something new, something different. 

You want something that helps you to initiate more and with confidence in and out of the bedroom.

You want to have a Valentine's that you will talk about again and again.


If you're ready for a new and exciting experience, look no further.

Chocolate After Dark will give you the tutorials, inspiration, and guidance to make this Valentine's Day one of your hottest nights yet.


The best part?

This is an experience you can repeat again and again. Imagine the fun and excitement of indulging in a chocolate body paint session with your partner, without the pressure of it leading to anything else. 

That's why we created... 


Chocolate After Dark


Buy Chocolate After Dark Now

Here's what you'll get:

  • A delicious chocolate body paint recipe that you can use over and over
  • Expert guidance on setting up the perfect space for easy clean-up
  • Tips on negotiating where you want the chocolate to go (and where you don't!)
  • Confidence in communicating what you want and how you want it
  • The tools to let go of self-doubt and enjoy the experience fully
  • Strategies for closing the experience in the best way, so you can look forward to enjoying Chocolate After Dark again and again.
  • All at your own pace, in your own home.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what Laurel had to say after buying Chocolate After Dark

"This class was a fun and refreshing intimacy class with Lanae! I had never been to a sex coach so I wasn't sure what to expect. The tips were great. I enjoyed Marie's chocolate education plus recipes. The recipe was delicious with multiple variations. Her enthusiasm for chocolate set the mood."

A Unique Offer


Buy it once. Use it every weekend.


The essentials you get inside 

Chocolate After Dark

So you can make the most of your one perfect evening


Never worked with a sex coach before? This can give you a taste.

About 45 minutes of video tutorials, coaching, and guidance.

(A $275 Value)

Chocolate Body Paint Recipe

Your journey starts in the kitchen where Marie will show you exactly how to prepare the chocolate body paint that you'll use.

Expert Guidance

Lanae guides you from the setup, to the doing, to the aftercare so that you can take this experience to the next level - to fun and frivolity. 

Expert Guidance

In this step, Lanae guides you from the setup, to the doing, to the aftercare so that you can take this experience to the next level - to fun and frivolity. 


The video tutorial inside with a DIY recipe you make together will delight you and your partner.


Look no further! The video inside will give you the tips & techniques to bring out the sensual side in you.


Buy the experience once, download it, & have it forever. You can repeat this experience again, and again, and again.

The Ideal Chocolate

+ The Best How To
= One Perfect Night

Chocolate After Dark helps you to connect in a way that is deeper, and more meaningful, and more playful than ever before.

Chocolate After Dark is something never offered before. So if you're looking for something totally novel, sexy, fun, unique, memorable, WOW, this is for you.

Click on the link and gift yourself your perfect night!



the tao of chocolate

The Tao of Chocolate


Chocolate is more than meets the eye...and I am an expert in bringing chocolate into your life like you've never imagined before. I've worked with chocolate in all sorts of ways since 2004. For me, it is not just an essential food group. working with chocolate is life-transforming. I help curious people who love and are intrigued by chocolate discover how to work with it and in the process, uncover a new sense of peace, clarity, and connection.

The MamaSutra


As a sex & relationship coach since 2010, I've got skills to guide couples to find fun (& sexy) ways to play that you will love. I'm a board-certified sexologist, certified sex coach, former professor of human sexuality and general sex ed hacker - providing the perfect blend of expert advice with the vibe of talking to a bestie who's been where you are, and wants to show you a new, spectacular way of connecting with yourself and your partner.

the mamasutra, co-creator of the after dark chocolate experience

Chocolate After Dark

Make Valentine's Day your most sensual yet.

A Unique Offer for You


Buy it once. Use it often.


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