If you can get the sex you want,
you'll get the life you want.


One to One Coaching

I bet you're thinking, "Sex coaching? Why would anyone need this?!"

One of my clients told me why he wanted to work with me. He said, "I have a team of advisors who help me - business mentors, financial advisors, fitness trainers, nutritionists - who am I to think I know all there is to know about sex without seeking the advice of an expert in this area as well?" 

You deserve to work with someone who knows and understands this subject, not someone who will shame you for your desires or the problems you're experiencing. I've studied what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it. 

You want someone who encourages and teaches you how to have the sex and life you want? That's me.

bay area sex coach Lanae St.John

Coaching Options

1:1 Coaching

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call to discuss the concerns and issues where you want help.

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Virtual Coaching

Get personalized sex-positive coaching and advice delivered straight to your inbox.

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Curiosity Session

Want to get into the Human Sexuality field? You can get some valuable tips and advice from me.

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Sex Coaching is for you if...

All Coaching Sessions done via Zoom

... you can have your session from your living room, from your car, or even from your bedroom. No need to worry about traffic, stress to find parking, or wonder how dressed up you need to be.

Just like all of your other Zoom meetings since COVID, you could be business on top and pajamas on bottom.

Once your session is on the books, you will get a personal zoom meeting room link emailed to you. It's really that easy.


What my clients are saying

*Names and faces are changed to protect the privacy of my clients and students.


"We have had some of the best sex of our relationship since working with Lanae. I am so grateful for her expertise!"


"I have a son and I've always been open with him about sex. However, by taking this course I feel more comfortable [...] and more confident."

happy single woman sex coaching client


"...with Lanae, I developed the tools and the confidence to ask my partner to try different things to make me more comfortable. Now I really enjoy it and have the confidence back that I never knew I lost."


"I am now having tremendously good sex with my partner, and no erectile problems at all. I definitely recommend Lanae to anyone having sexual issues they need to address."

Is this you?

Want to want sex? Feel like you’ve grown apart sexually over the years? Want to feel comfortable in your own skin? Desire a satisfying sex life?

These are a few of the topics my coaching clients come to me for. If you have these issues or others, let’s chat over a virtual coffee date. 

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About Lanae St.John, DHS, CSC, ACS

What makes me different from other intimacy and sex coaches out there is my ability to balance the societal storytelling around "good" or "bad" sex - and how to get in touch with our own bodies and intimacy, figuratively and literally.

You could say I'm like if The Discovery Channel and Drew Barrymore somehow had a baby - I provide the perfect blend of expert advice with the vibe of talking to a bestie who's been where you are, and wants to show you a new, spectacular way of connecting with yourself, your partner, and your family in a way that's also fun and even a little quirky.

After working with me, my clients feel empowered, supported, and relieved - they no longer have to wrack their brain for sexual health help...they just have to pick up the phone and ask, "Lanae, what's your insight on this?" Sex is now something that's embraced, not avoided, and they're feeling a new sense of closeness with their partner, their kids and themselves.

And that is a beautiful thing.

bay area sex coach Lanae St.John

Text "coaching" to 415-528-7403

and get taken right to the exact spot you need to be in to begin a conversation with me.