Tell me if this is you...

  • you want to be able to "get busy" with confidence but instead you feel fear, or
  • you feel pressure because sex is now a barometer in your relationship, or
  • your partner thinks you're "getting it somewhere else" because you're not having sex with them

No one wants to avoid the bedroom because they're nervous about what is going to happen.

There is a solution.

It doesn't matter how old you are, it can be embarrassing. You might not even feel comfortable talking to your friends about it. But here's the good news...

ED can be fixed.

My clients were in that spot you're in right now and after working with me, they have been able to have intercourse with penetration without drugs

One started having sex marathons with his girlfriend.

Another client told me he knew he wasn't having issues getting an erection anymore when his girlfriend told him he was "writing cursive on her leg." 

I love it when my clients have breakthroughs. We share virtual high fives and I work myself out of a job - which is totally okay with me when they get the result they want.

I'm here to show you how to get the result you want and feel confident every time.

You're in good hands now. I can help. 

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What do the guys have to say?

*Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.


"I am now having tremendously good sex with my partner, and no erectile problems at all. I definitely recommend Lanae to anyone having sexual issues they need to address."



"Lanae is very gentle, yet confident with how she approaches these topics and doesn't make you feel embarrassed for not knowing more. She really helps you feel comfortable in a topic that has been stigmatized for so long and that makes all the difference."


"This knowledge has allowed me to at least open the door to new sexual experiences that, due to my upbringing had
previously been an obstacle."


I'm Lanae, The MamaSutra

I'm a sex and relationship coach who can help you get out of your head, get in touch with your body and sexuality so you can talk openly, be present in your relationships and experience the kind of sex and intimacy that has you smiling the whole next day.

Want help?

Provided this is not a physiological issue, it many times boils down to a mental block. I can help where some traditional therapists fail.

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