What is The OASIS?

In essence, The OASIS serves as a sanctuary amid the vast desert of unreliable sexuality education. In this virtual haven, you won't find mirages or half-truths. Instead, you'll discover a thriving community of individuals much like yourself, all embarked on a similar journey, seeking one thing – reliable, accurate, and empowering information.

The OASIS is more than just a digital space; it's a refuge where you'll not only gain access to valuable knowledge but also find unwavering support, education, and encouragement. Here, we've built a community where your questions are welcomed, where you can find the guidance you seek, and where your sexual empowerment is our utmost priority. So, come in, rest, get resourced, and then venture back out on your journey feeling more confident and informed than ever before.

Welcome to The OASIS.


What do you get?

Monthly Masterclass 

(covering sexuality and other crowdsourced topics).

Each month we focus on a specific topic. These will be taught by me. The training is easy to follow and will help you get your desired result (You will have access to the archives of recorded classes).

Cheatsheets, checklists, and guides. 

You’ll receive access to worksheets, tip sheets, and other resources customized on related topics. This content will highlight key points and give you the opportunity to practice your skills with helpful exercises, so you can reach your goals.

Live Q & A group coaching sessions/hot seats.  

At the end of each month, we’ll have a group coaching call via zoom to answer all of your questions related to the topic. Or you can ask questions that you are struggling with in your life. (also recorded)

FAQ Database 

Access to the database of nearly 1k questions and answers over the years. You can even submit a question of your own (anonymously, if you prefer).


Exclusive Online Group (tentative*).

In this group, you will get feedback, motivation, support, resources, and accountability you want. This group will eliminate the loneliness and isolation you feel about this topic.

Special guests

If there's interest, our monthly call can feature a guest to answer the issues you want to dive deeper into for that topic. 


*Location of the Online Community

Let’s crowdsource where this online community will be hosted. It’s a tough one for me; asking you to come to a new platform when you’re already on another one?

Founding members will help determine this. 

Meet Dr. Lanae

Lanae St.John is an SF Bay Area-based board-certified sexologist, certified sex coach, educator, and author of Read Me: A Parental Primer for “The Talk”.

Whether teaching a workshop, working with clients, or reaching audiences through her writing, Lanae is using her knowledge and training of human sexuality to normalize conversations about sexuality, boundaries, respect, desires, and consent.

She’s also the mother of two daughters, so she’s got first-hand knowledge about how to navigate issues of sexuality as a parent, and uses that experience to help her clients on these issues.

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If you can get the sex you want, you'll have the life you want.


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