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Make it a Date Night!

For $27, you'll get 4 fabulous cheat sheets, guides, and tip sheets to give you more confidence. Topics including:

  • 30+ Ideas to Refresh Your Dating Game - COVID Edition
  • 5 Sense Seduction
  • Dirty Talk Starter Guide: The Definitive Guide To Dirty Talk for the Shy
  • 30+ Tips for Initiating Sex

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Sex Life Reset with "Yes-No-Maybe"

Spice up your sex life with this mini-course + printable guide.

What you'll get:

  • Instructions so you get clear on how to begin to "reset" your sex life
  • Definitions of all the terms you need to know so you feel confident that you're using the same terminology
  • A comprehensive collection of lists for you and your partner to go through and consider what you want so you can optimize your experience together.

Not to mention, the Sex Life Reset mini-course walks you through, segment by segment, the steps to define various sexual behaviors, decide if something is for you, and then talk about it with your partner.

At the end, you have something like a menu of new-to-you options to potentially try out so that you can discover how to explore your core desires and hottest fantasies. Oh, and you might even have some of the most fun sex ever. 


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