Reconnect with your Partner

And play a grown up version of "Doctor"

It’s about exploring… taking your time and getting to know each other’s hot spots again, without the pressure to turn it into something else.

Bring playfulness, fun and excitement back into the bedroom -- or wherever your "research" takes you. Let me show you how.


Hey, I'm Lanae...

I'm a sex and relationship coach who jokes that sex is ALL I know. My LinkedIn page would be censored by social media because the word sex is all over it. Do I know this subject? Yes! Can I help you? Most likely. I've helped 2.8 MILLION people (and counting) on Quora, not to mention all of my private clients. All this knowledge and expertise so I can help you get in touch with your body and sexuality so you can talk openly, be present in your relationships, and experience the kind of sex and intimacy that has you smiling the whole next day.

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